Cheney Library seeks support for ballot proposition

The Board of Trustees of the Cheney Library is soliciting support to increase the public funding for the Library.  The current tax levy amount of $45,000 was established in 2001 and has not been increased for 17 years.  Expenses continue to increase while revenue has declined which has resulted in yearly operating deficits.  The Library cannot continue to provide or increase the services the community has come to expect without a stable revenue source.  The Trustees are requesting an increase of $50,000 in public support which would be a total tax levy of $95,000 which would meet the Library’s current operating expense.  This may seem like a large increase but it results in only $.86 per each $1,000 in assessed value.  Currently the Cheney Library rates 26th of 29 libraries in the Upper Hudson Library System for local support at $7.21 per town resident which is significantly lower than the average $25 per resident of the other libraries.  This increase will result in local support of $13.72 per town resident.   The increase will allow the Library to support the changing technological needs of its patrons.

The first step in increasing the tax levy is to secure the required number of signatures on a voter’s petition to have the proposition included on the November ballot.  The trustees and friends of the library will be asking registered voters in the Town of Hoosick to sign a petition supporting the placement of the proposition on the ballot.  Signing the petition does not indicate support for the proposition itself; it just allows the Library to put the request to the voters in November.  Petitions will be available to sign at the Cheney Library.

If you would like additional information or have not been to the Library lately, please visit us during operating hours. The Library’s website is: