Re-Opening Soon.😊😊😊

Even though we opened he Children’s room on January 22nd, today, we found it necessary to keep it closed just a bit longer. Our basement renovation is interfering with the use of the room.

We thank you for your understanding. ✨✨✨✨✨✨

Basement Renovation

We are currently undergoing renovation in our basement area. Unfortunately, the children’s room will be closed until January 22nd. Photos will be posted, so you can be part of the improvement and follow the progress.

 Once completed, we will have a wonderful multipurpose room. We hope to introduce Movie Night among other things. Cabinets and shelves will complement the setup. This will also give the Book Sale room a new look.

Please excuse the noise that inevitably goes with renovations as you visit. We have a number of children’s books upstairs, so that the little ones won’t have to go without.

Meanwhile, we thank you for your patience.