The Summer Reading Program is Here!

We have lots of excitement planned for Grades K-8 this summer! See the schedules below for events and times. All events begin at 12:00 P.M. unless otherwise noted.

Participants are welcome to sign up at any time. The Summer Reading Program is open to all individuals in Grades K-8, and it is free to participate. Have fun, stay cool, and win prizes!

Grades K-3

* Caretakers are expected to stay with children in Grades K-3 during events.

July 9 @ 10:30 A.M. – A Universe of Art: Create your own textural art with visitors from the Tang Teaching Museum.

July 19 – Space Slime: SLIME-MAKING. Need we say more?

July 23 – Enter the Hero Universe: Create your own superhero costume!

July 30 – Space Crafts: Make galaxy piggy banks and glow-in-the-dark constellation jars.

August 6 – Pet a Robot Day: Play with Botley, the friendly coding robot.

August 16 – Meteorite Mixology: Experiment with cold drink mixing. Tasty or gross-out? Your choice!

August 23 – Alien Cupcake Decorating: Make (and eat) your own edible aliens.

Grades 4-8

July 12 – Galaxy of Games: Battle against your friends on the Wii or go old school with a board game.

July 19 – Space Slime: Sparkly, crackly, fluffy, create-your-own!

July 26 – Edible Mars Rover: Build your own delicious version.

August 2 – Galactically Bad Art: Create something especially awful

August 9 – Astro-eats Taste Test Challenge: Put your taste buds to the test!

August 16 – Meteorite Mixology: Create and sample a selection of cold summer mocktails.

August 23 @ 5 P.M. – After-hours Blast Off: Celebrate your achievements with ice cream and karaoke!