What a Fun Afternoon!





Wow – what a turn-out!!! 38 children came last Tuesday, July 2nd, to see and learn how to make a worm farm.

One worm farm was made out of a big soda bottle and another worm farm was a ‘hands on project’. Dirt and worms were available to be placed in their temporary home, a see-through flat plastic container. The worm farms will be kept at the Library for a couple of weeks and each Tuesday we will check to see the movements of the worms and the tracks they leave behind. We want to assure all animal lovers that all worms will be returned to their original environment. 






Great Success!!!









Thank you everybody who joined in on June 25th for the first Kids Summer Program. 28 children attended, working with plaster of paris,DSCN0197 making imprints of shells and other decorative items. Each plate can be picked up at the library on Tuesday, when the next program will be WORMS!